Bench removal has started! Benches #0122 and #0124 at Kames Bay have been removed. These were metal double sided picnic benches on the grass area facing the mouth of the bay.

The Largs and Millport news carried a story about this, with the following quote:

.. council spokesperson said: "“Benches are being removed in preparation for the Millport Flood Protection Scheme. 
"We are currently considering options for the future provision of picnic benches and memorial benches on Cumbrae.”

It's a bit strange for a few reasons - a) bench #0120 is very close by, and has been left behind b) it's four months before work commences c) we're just coming into tourist season, why start now?

Anyhoo, it's time to say a last farewell to the benches on the seafront, they will soon be gone.


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