When NAC did their survey of benches that might be impacted by the flood defence scheme they found a number of benches with plaques that they had no contact details for.

When I went looking for these benches I found the majority of them, with a handful of ones where there was evidence of a plaque that had been removed.

But there was on that I could not locate, nor was there any obvious place for it.

All I had to go on was "Caths Spot", and I knew it was near Crosshouse, as the NAC person doing the survey started at Kames Bay and walked over to the harbour. "Caths Spot" was between two other unknown benches, and I'd found those, so logically the missing one was between them. (Keep up Watson).

The power of Google found this interesting web site - https://maps-north-ayrshire.opendata.arcgis.com/datasets/benches/explore which purports to show all the NAC benches.

Zooming into Millport, the map shows two benches on the east facing wall of the "Cross House" garden wall.

... but there are no benches there - I know I've looked.

So then I decide to have a look on Google Street view..

Oh My God! that image dates to 2009, and there ARE two benches there - and they look quite old - with wooden slats and metal ends.

and I may well be trying to see things that aren't there - but that looks like a plaque to me!