"Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning."

I really think that's it. I think I've got all the public benches on Cumbrae. The idea was to document all the existing benches, especially the ones on the sea front at Millport before they are (re)moved due to the upgrade of the sea defences. Hence I can say there are 354 benches on Cumbrae - probably.

I had no idea how immersive this little project would become, it started on Twitter, then got it's own website, and posts where duplicated on Facebook and Insta'. It's been a lot of fun finding all the benches - along with frustration when finding out that I'd walked straight past some without spotting them! Then there was the addition of plaques to the project (The one on a rock in the middle of Kames Bay is a gem!)

This isn't the end, I have some photos of the views from the benches, so I'll post them, then we have the removal process. I'll attempt to document that, but I think it might all happen a bit too fast to do that - we'll see.

Then of course, we have the excitement of the new benches that will be built into the new sea wall.

Thank you everyone who have offered support, comments, suggestions and even cold hard cash! It's been, as it says on bench #0231 - 'Altogether Lovely'.

on the 7th July 2021:


and exactly a year later: