So, North Ayrshire Council said that they "surveyed the benches and identified 146 memorial plaques along the promenade."

They published a list of 47 plaque names they had no contact details for. I managed to track down and record 43 of those plaques. That's the "mystery of the the four". Retracing my steps, I'm pretty certain I've got good evidence of where three of them were, with evidence of a plaque being removed.

But I've never been able to trace "Caths Spot" - it might be that the entire bench was removed (and there is some slight evidence for this) or it might have been a plaque on a wall. I've looked and can't find anything..

Anyway - I've counted the benches with plaques on the promenade.. I make it 117 + the "mystery of the the four". 121 - I can't get anywhere near 146. Unless the council counters counted benches at the start of Marine Drive and all the way over to West End playing fields..