Sep 25, 2022

interesting facebook post!

one of the local councillors put an update on facebook that caught my eye.. "Burnt Bench back end of island: I’ve asked for this to be replaced and we will be getting a new metal wheelchair accessible table to replace this damaged one due September." "So it looks like someone lit a disposable BBQ on the top of a wooden bench - despite it having a plaque asking people not to do just that.. Nice to know that that it going to be fixed up.There are also plans for additional... more

Sep 18, 2022

google maps

all the benches are plotted on google maps ( and that's all well and good until, a) NAC start removing the benches, and b) google update the satellite images.then all the pins in the map will be pointing to ghost benches. although google street view allows you to travel back in time by using the slider, google maps doesn't.the good news is that google earth does allow you to select which underlying satellite... more


Sep 11, 2022

oldest bench?

Sep 10, 2022

Queen Elizabeth

As a mark of respect we've dimmed the logos across all of our social media and website. We will continue to post photos.


Sep 04, 2022

the missing bench!

Aug 28, 2022

bench ages
A rather special number, date, and plaque!
bench moves
the numbers don't add up...
not quite finished