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Jul 16, 2023

building on last weeks blog post, I've now automated both Instagram and Facebook posting. This means that there will be at least one post per day, either of a bench with 'all' of it's info, or a random bench photo!
I've also got a supply of photos of the construction work, so I'm also going to add them to the mix, despite them not being 'real' bench/plaque photos.

Threads -Yes, Cumbrae Benches is on Threads, https://www.threads.net/@cumbrae_benches, currently these are manually posts, so they are a bit random and infrequent - as soon as Meta release the API, then I'll attempt to get auto posting going there as well.

Twitter - sorry to say that elon has restricted the API on twitter, so unless you pay, you can't post photographs, so there's little point continuing on Twitter. Shame, as that's where this madness started. But "all change is good" as they tell me.

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