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Update on the updates...

Jun 18, 2023

There haven’t been many bench posts recently, and there are a few reasons for that, firstly I’ve been off the island, so haven’t been able to track what’s been happening on the ground.

That leads nicely to the second point, and that’s the ongoing sea defence work. The work area has now been extended from the Crosshouse across Kames Bay. Another large area has been cordoned off with Hetas fencing, and the removal of the last few benches along the seafront parallel to Kelburn Street completed (most south facing benches parallel to Kames Bay (the road) are still there.) Due to all this work, benches are being moved and relocated, and as most have no plaques any more, it’s very difficult to track and trace the majority of them. Hence I’ve not been documenting those moves, especially as they might not be permanent.

The third reason for lack of updates is the amount of time this was occupying. Benches were taking over my life! The original plan behind this project was to document the benches and plaques before anything happened to them, and I think I’ve achieved that goal.

Hence I’m going to keep updating if I see a new plaque (I’ve found two this morning!) and some general updates about the status of the sea defence work, but I’m not going to be updating the re-location of any benches – at least not until the construction of the sea defence is complete.

 Remember - it will all be worth it once the work is complete..

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