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I started streaming in 2007 when Twitch was still known as Justin.TV. I streamed World of Warcraft only for years. About 6 years ago I decided to take a break from streaming. 4 years later I decided to start streaming again under a new brand name leaving my coder persona behind hence Cupara and Cupara Gaming. I stream everything fun but enjoy sim games and crafting games the most. I am addicted to Rocket League and play daily before playing another game. I am a #RazerStreamer so keep a lookout for my discount code.

I used to stream as Mythotical on Twitch but when I decided to rebrand and get away from my old streaming content of just World of Warcraft, I found it best to rename and just leave that part of my life behind me.

You can still view my previous videos on YouTube: Mythotical’s Past Videos

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