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Rachael Hardcastle has been an author since 2010, releasing her debut novel with the online platform, Lulu (The Soul Sanctuary, 2010). She'd been trying for around a year to find an agent, hoping someone would give her a shot at publishing traditionally. She got some positive feedback and even landed an agent, but soon realised she had fallen victim to another shark in the industry. Clueless, she decided to go it alone and dived head-first into self-publishing.

It took a while to learn the ropes, but over the years she taught herself to edit, learnt some formatting and cover design techniques, then invested in a couple of courses. Now, she's a trained copy-editor and coach with ten indie years behind her and three  Amazon #1 bestselling titles! She also now runs her own publishing house for new and struggling writers, Curious Cat Books, from Bradford, UK.

She's still a writer at heart, sharing important morals and values with the world through her fiction. And she loves sharing her passion for writing through school and community visits. 

But out of the office, Rachael is an avid reader of various genres, a lover of cats, coffee, stationery and her trusty bullet journal. Get in touch with her and say hello!


When you choose to 'buy me a coffee', your donation contributes towards the progression and development of my company, Curious Cat Books. With your support, I'll be in a position to hire other freelancers and professionals to join my team! The more employees we can add, the more books we can publish every year (and that means the more authors we can help!). 

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Thank you book guru! 

David Knight
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Hi Rachael, just wanted to say thank you for all your expertise and support in creating my new WIX author website  ... It looks fab and should be easy for people to navigate through it. I'm sure that once I get used to all the functionality/options it will make my 'author' life so much easier and project my books and blogging in a more professional light! Kind regards, David Knight (AFY- Spiritual Guidance and Education. 

David Knight
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Thanks again for all your efforts so far Rachel ... u best treat Sam with this one! 

David Knight
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Don't down this hot one in one go ... it's not a beer! Haha, Thank you for all your support and kindness and patience Rachel.  Cheers D