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⭐ What is Curiously Code?

 💛 Curiously Code is a discovery platform providing technology, career and wellbeing inspiration for Curious Humans.

Curiously Code has been brought to life by Kim Diep @thekimmykola

⭐ The Curiously Code Mission Statement

💛 Curiously Code is on a mission to provide technology, career and wellbeing inspiration for Curious Humans with the aim of creating life changers of the future. Curiously Code strives to showcase a relatable and human side to tech.

😔 Curiously Code exists because social media is well and truly embedded within the education system and young people’s lives. The unintended effects of statements on social media like “Do X and Y and become a Software Engineer in X days/months”, or “I landed an internship at X and Y company and have X and Y awards” set an expectation that growth is linear.

😔 Unintentionally, it communicates a message of urgency to be successful quickly or run the risk of getting left behind. This may lead to young people placing unrealistic expectations on themselves to succeed, measuring their self-worth against their peers and not having the confidence to follow their intuition. Additionally, those underrepresented may not have the means / resources to pursue their ideas.

🚀 Curiously Code is here for those who think differently and don’t fit conventions! 😛

🥰 Curiously Code provides a comfortable space for discovery to manifest in many different forms, promoting joy and fulfilment through tech and beyond tech. Tech isn’t just about coding and computers!

Are you ready to live your most creative and fulfilling life?