Several countries, including Scotland, France, England, Wales, & Ireland, have adopted Coercive Control laws over the last decade. In response, 2 states—first Hawaii (inspired by Scotland) & then California (Sept 2020) —have recently taken the groundbreaking step of passing the nation’s first laws against coercive control. This week, a new 3-day inquiry began to explore the introduction of new coercive control legislation in New South Wales, Australia. May this be the beginning of the adoption of new legislation across the globe.✌️ WATCH LIVE

"There are predictable behaviors used by abusers. ―There are neurobiological changes & injuries that we can see and measure. These injuries can last a lifetime and can have a huge financial impact after the relationship has ended. The process of coercive control is an active one. ―It's well planned and sustained. It occurs all of the time, even if there is physical distance. So it is this behavior we are saying needs to be made illegal. ―Unfortunately, our legal system as it stands today perpetuates the fear and exacerbates the state of utter helplessness that coercive control induces. It's a system that repeatedly fails to keep women safe. Despite the fact that there can be a clearly defined and known perpetrator, the system is a failure. ―It starts slow and gets persistently worse. The more control they get, the worse it becomes. The more they get away with, the more obsessed with the control they get. Legislation will act to deter this. To leave the system as it is now is not only negligent, it is an act of complicity in the ongoing abuses of women and children."

- Dr. Karen Williams, Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists, NSW Select Committee into Coercive Control, February 22, 2021

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