There are many root causes that impact the issues that many face within the #familycourt system (and many other systems throughout the globe). One major root cause is the societal normalization of men’s violence. We call on all men (and women) to stand with us to demand better of everyone. No more silence.

“When it comes to addressing men’s violence, it’s the little things that matter. Violence starts somewhere and it’s often wrapped inside the behaviors that are minimised by society every day. Some men start to think their sexist views are supported. — When we don’t focus on these behaviours, when we remain silent about what we see and hear, we give permission for abuse and violence to take place. Silence is the infection that allows violence to continue. You know what? We can all become interrupters who stop violence." - Graham Goulden, That Guy, Better Ways to be a Man @thatguyscotland

Instead of saying "not all men," say #YesAllMen can make a difference by speaking up and demanding better of themselves and everyone around them.

We need to flip the script on a man’s need (and entitlement) to control women and children from being rewarded and perpetuated by individuals, society, and literally all systems — to CALLING OUT this disturbing and destructive behavior and calling in more peace. The little things matter. Accountability EVERY STEP of the way matters. Flip the script towards accountability and peace. Join us.

P.s. Normalization of men’s violence is catastrophic for men too — not to mention children, the Earth and society as a whole. We need continued solidarity.✌️✊

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