Why do abuser's rights have more weight than children’s rights? — This video explains why and also how you can help evolve the Family Court system into one that relies on the latest evidence-based research and truly places the safety and well-being of children as the top priority.

Every year ~58,000 children are court-ordered into the care of an abusive parent. This video outlines the problem & the solution. We are advocating to ensure that child safety the top priority in custody cases. If you want to get involved in our advocacy efforts around the Safe Child Act or learn more, please go to our link in bio.

“While there is no doubt that separating parents need to support their children’s relationships with the other parent, this outcome may not be possible in cases in which there are serious concerns about child abuse and/or domestic violence.” — Peter Jaffe, Professor, Centre for Research and Education on Violence Against Women and Children

Video courtesy of our friends at stopabusecampaign.org