I recently published a book on the Book of Revelation. The outlook is different than what most people are familiar with. Rather than reading it as a text about the end of the world, or from the perspective that God is angry with us, I approach it from the perspective that God is a liberator who loves all humankind and all of creation. Therefore, the perspective I take on the book of Revelation is that it is written to small, minority faith communities about how to resist the Roman empire. 

By extension, I believe we can learn from these takes and ideals in our own time of increasing violence, climate crisis, and scapegoating of individuals who are unlike "us."

I would like to teach more in faith communities around this work because I believe it is only going to be more pertinent. I also hope to develop a "mini-series" podcast and a simple course that can walk people through learning how to read the bible with new approaches, and how Revelation might help to build on movements of people standing who are already standing on the side of the poor, oppressed, and the earth. 

Supporting this would like to not just sell more books - I don't make much from the proceeds, but actually will help get this out in new and important ways, and makes it possible for me to do more of it. 

Thank you for supporting this work!