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CyberITHub was created in the year 2019 so it is comparatively a new website but it has managed to gain huge popularity in the community of Developers, Programmers and Linux Professionals within a short span of time (thanks to you!).

This website currently gets a monthly viewership of more than 100K users around the globe.

CyberITHub is a one-man project and I take care of the complete management of the website which includes:

1. Exploring and writing new articles
2. Updating existing contents and articles
3. Responding to any active queries via comments section and mails
4. Designing and optimizing the website for best end user experience and performance

It takes up a lot of time and energy to maintain this website, specially with my full time job. Most of the time I am awake till 2-3 AM in the morning working on the website.

But CyberITHub is all about my passion and hobby, I really enjoy exploring new technologies and trying them out in my lab. During this exercise I also tend to make notes and then publish them later on my website.

I would be lying if I said, revenue isn't a factor as at the end of the day it would good if you are appreciated for the efforts spent. Currently it costs me heavy to maintain this website considering hosting, CDN, security, premium plugins and additional services etc, so I tend to rely on advertising revenue most of the time. But since many users these days use ad-blocker, the revenue gets impacted.

So, if CyberITHub has helped you in any way then please consider buying me a coffee (or I won't mind more than one ).

Thank you for your support !!