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Hello, my name is Krister. I am spending much of my spare time contributing to open source projects and trying to solve programming related problems.

This means I do need a lot of ☕ and 🍺 so please help me out by supporting me 😊

Last week for instance I found myself out of coffee which lead to a really bad migraine, which was so bad I could not event get out of bed and had to wait until my girlfriend arrived with a package of Gevalia and saved my day =)

I am a huge fan of horror movies, punk music and of course code.

Last year I released my first Premium plugin for Wordpress, the free version is something I have been working on for atleast 5-6 years. This has gone very well so far and at the moment I have 40+ active installations in production environments.

Please follow one of the links below and checkout some of my projects on github or my profile on SO.