The Cision Block plugin can be used to fetch and display news published via Cision.

The Premium version of the plugin comes with a bunch of new and awesome features:

  • Fetch entire news feed and not only the last 100 entries.

  • Import each news item as a custom post in Wordpress.

  • Manually created posts may be added to the feed.

  • Custom taxonomies for categories and tags fetched from Cision.

  • Support to create, update and delete posts during scheduled cron job.

  • Support to create, update and delete posts based on received PUSH events sent from Cision.

  • Extension support.

  • Shareholder module.

  • Subscription module.

  • Ticker module.

  • Calendar module.

  • Insider module.

  • Media module.


  • Support to exclude news from the feed based on id.

  • Unlimited number of view configurations where each configuration basically is a database query.

  • Discount when buying multiple licenses.

  • Discount when buying a license that spans more than a single year.

  • Free help with installation and configuration.

  • Annual free support.

If this seems interesting and you would like to know more; do not hesitate to send me an email on [email protected] or ping me on Slack.

Have a nice day!