Buy Czech Footy a beer


Hey 👋 I am Tomáš, the ever so opinionated voice behind Czech Footy on Twitter (@czechfooty), I have even bigger plans for 2022/23 (pre-)season than I did a year ago, and I need your support to realize them all. We'll begin with an in-depth series previewing all 16 Fortuna:Liga participants, with an expanded format now including a data-driven season forecast and more. Then in-season I'll endeavour to create as much content as possible - from regular Power Rankings to a month-long quest to review all teams' seasons midway through 2022/23, culminating in your favourite end-of-the-season awards and such. All published on Medium, freely accessible for public, yet obviously time-consuming so I will much appreciate any contribution of yours in the form of buying me a pint of beer (which would make me feel sleepy in real time, but the symbolism is real). Cheers!