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Hello lovelies, I'm Shirin a 21 years old girl from Germany who's a very passionate Vintage Content Creator on Instagram and Youtube. I love Mid-century fashion and Old Hollywood.

After many years of self-doubts I finally started to wear Vintage Fashion last year. To get more confident and connect with like-minded people I created an Instagram and Youtube account that grew into a big and loving vintage community. "Shirinatra" is a place where I can live and realize my creativity but it's also an opportunity for me to motivate and support others to be their true self! So what do you think, can you also support me with a little coffee? I would appreciate it a lot. Thanks a million!
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Ich wünschte nur, ich könnte es mir leisten, Ihnen mehr Kaffee zu geben! Bitte machen Sie weiterhin Videos. Sie sind von innen und außen hinreißend.

Annette @CzechgirlReads
Annette @CzechgirlReads bought 5 coffees.

Thank you for putting out your new video.  I’ve watched it many times. 

Someone bought 5 coffees.
Someone bought 5 coffees.

You are just lovely! :)

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You are such an inspiration. Keep doing what you do :)