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Hello lovelies, I'm Shirin a 21 years old girl from Germany who's a very passionate Vintage Content Creator on Instagram and Youtube. I love Mid-century fashion and Old Hollywood.

After many years of self-doubts I finally started to wear Vintage Fashion last year. To get more confident and connect with like-minded people I created an Instagram and Youtube account that grew into a big and loving vintage community. "Shirinatra" is a place where I can live and realize my creativity but it's also an opportunity for me to motivate and support others to be their true self! So what do you think, can you also support me with a little coffee? I would appreciate it a lot. Thanks a million!
Sandra bought Shirinatra a Coffee.

Trank you so much for your videos and posts 馃槏. I really love your style and I can learn so much. If you ever do a meet up with your community I鈥榤 there 馃槂

Thank you so much Sandra for your support! I'm happy that you enjoy my content and I'll let you know when a meet up is happening one day hehe聽馃榾聽鉂わ笍聽

Rosalynn bought Shirinatra a Coffee.

Go on girl! I'm 36 and I am learning a lot from you! You give me style inspiration! 馃槏

Wow, that makes me so happy to hear! Thanks for the support and best wishes to you Rosalynn聽鉂わ笍聽

Ram贸na bought Shirinatra a Coffee.

Thanks a million for your coffees and support Ram贸na聽馃槉聽

Ram贸na bought Shirinatra a Coffee.
Gill bought Shirinatra a Coffee.

Enjoy! Loving your blog. From Scotland with love. Gill x

Thank you Gill for your support! I'm happy you enjoy my content. Have a great day聽鉂わ笍聽

CzechgirlReads (Annette) bought Shirinatra 10 Coffees.

My own personal styling has become so much better because of you. Thank you!

Hello Annette, You have no idea how happy I am that I could help you in a way! It means so much to inspire people within their style and fashion. Keep going dear and thanks a lot for your big support聽鉂わ笍 I wish you all the best!

Carina @carinaschaeuble bought Shirinatra 3 Coffees.

Hey, I really appreciate the videos you're making and wish you best luck as a full-time content creator! Your vintage style is one of the prettiest I've seen so far on YouTube and one can clearly see your love for what you are doing. Keep up the good work :)

Hello Carina, Thank you for your support and your kind words! It makes me so happy to see that you enjoy my content and what I do. Thanks a million and all the best wishes to you :-)

Ram贸na bought Shirinatra a Coffee.

Thanks for your support :-)

@taylscash bought Shirinatra 3 Coffees.

Wishing you the best on your new chapter in life 馃А

Thank you for your kind support & the coffee! Best wishes to you as well :-) This means so much to me!

Heather Frampton bought Shirinatra a Coffee.

Dear Shirin, Hello from the States! I am enjoying your YouTube videos so much! You're so classy, elegant and articulate, especially for being in your early twenties. Keep on bringing us all wonderful videos! 馃槉聽鉂わ笍聽Heather L. Frampton聽

Thanks a lot for your kind words and the coffee! I really appreciate it a lot Heather :-) All the best to you!