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Boring Books for Bedtime is a weekly bedtime story podcast for the sleepless, the stressed, the anxious, the insomniacs—anyone who struggles with endless brain chatter.

And, you can now buy me, your boring reader, a coffee! Or a tea. Or a lovely glass of wine. Or a root beer float. There's no need to limit our beverage choices here. Isn't life stressful enough? Whatever it is, I thank you.
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I'd buy more, but I don't see how to go over 5.  You provide a great service.

Not a clue, but thank you so much for your kind generosity. You're the best!

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Funny that we are buying you coffees so we can stay asleep!  Many thanks for all you do!

Amanda, thank you so much! Pleasure to be of snoozing service to you. All my best ❤️ 

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Thank you so much!!!

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Thank you, wonderful person!!