Thank you to everyone who supported us in July; appreciate you! Everyone was entered into the raffle along with our supporters from Patreon, and the all-knowing magic of the Random Number Generator chose a winner for our prize, a print copy of the 1897 Sears Catalog. Congratulations, Beth T, an email has been sent so we can get your book to you. Cheers!

But that was July. Now it's August, and that means we have a shiny NEW cool thing to give away at the end of the month. This month, we are awarding one lucky supporter with a free three-month subscription to, which means you will get three free audiobooks of your choice! How cool is that?? As an audiobook listener myself, I think it's pretty cool.

What's more cool, however, is that it's coming from (ALERT: unsolicited praise that is not paid for in any way coming!). Libro provides an audiobook alternative to a certain other company that is working hard to monopolize audiobooks on behalf of another rather monopoly-minded company that started by crushing bookstores. Guess who I mean!

When you buy an audiobook through Libro, they split their profit with the independent bookstore of your choice. It could be your local shop, or one across the country that specializes in sci-fi, or a BIPOC-owned business that you're looking to support. Whoever it is, you're helping these independent sellers stay in the book business by getting an audiobook, and that's pretty fantastic.

While only one supporter will get this cool thing at the end of August, I hope everyone who likes audiobooks will take a moment to check out And just to be super-duper clear, this is not a sponsored ad. It's just something I feel really strongly about, and I think some of you might, as well.

Thank you to everyone who helps this podcast be an ad-free space of relaxation, and good luck!