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We're Running Our First Fundraiser!

Apr 13, 2023

Dear friends, my 13-year-old iMac is dying. Gasping out its last whir. Throwing off this electronic coil and heading to the great beyond. And I desperately need a new setup to keep working and producing this podcast.

Alas, I am, to put it mildly, not equipped to re-equip. The past three years have been CRAZY difficult financially. So, Boring Books for Bedtime is running its first official fundraiser in 4.5 years of nonstop, ad-free podcasting. For the month of April, I'm asking our lovely listeners to consider donating to cover the cost of a new computer and monitor so I can replace the clunker that is making my working life a nightmare. You'll find everything on our Wishlist here:

AND, thanks to the kind folks at, everyone who supports us in April by donating to the Wishlist, buying coffees, or supporting us on Patreon will be entered into a drawing for a 3-credit bundle that you can use to purchase 3 audiobooks of your choice (boring or otherwise). Libro splits its profits with the independent bookstore of your choice, so that's a lovely bonus.

I know I'm not alone on the Financial Struggle Bus, but if you have it within your means to help me get a new setup, it would be more appreciated than you can imagine. And if it's beyond your means, that's okay! I totally get it, and appreciate and support you. Thank you for listening!

Your Reader, Sharon

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