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A Computer That Actually Works So That *I* Can Work!

Dear friends, my 13-year-old iMac is dying. Gasping out its last whir. Throwing off this electronic coil and heading to the great beyond. And I desperately need a new setup to keep working and producing this podcast. Alas, I am, to put it mildly, not equipped to re-equip. The past three years have been CRAZY difficult financially. I know I'm not alone in this, but if you have it within your means to help me get a new setup, it would be more appreciated than you can imagine. And if it's beyond your means, that's okay! I totally get it, and appreciate and support you. Mwah!

Funded by Someone, RHYAN E ROMAINE and 66 others
A Good Monitor That Makes the New Computer Work So That *I* Can Work

This is a really good monitor to make the computer work that I need to work and make more podcasts. Why do I need a monitor, you ask? Because the Mac Mini listed above doesn't have one. And Apple, in their infinite wisdom (cough...greed...cough), stopped making iMacs of a decent monitor size like my old dying one. Which is annoying. Why do I need a *good* monitor, you ask? Because editing audio and video involves staring for hours at tiny waveforms and images that are really, really hard for my eyes to see. Your reader, I'm sorry to say, has terrible, awful, no good, very bad vision. As in, if it weren't for the miracle of Coke-bottle glasses, it would be tragic-old-lady-selling-matchsticks-in-a-Dickensian-novel bad. A good monitor would help!

Funded by Someone, Stevie Handy and 31 others
A Cable That Makes the Monitor Talk to the Computer So I Can Work

If you have a computer, and you have a monitor, they have to talk to each other. This cable makes that happen! So that seems like a good thing to have.

Funded by Jijo Sunny