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Most official South Korean blog sites are run by city hall employees, independent contractor companies, or interns that come and go with the seasons. When I was a Daegu Citizen Reporter/SNS Supporter from April 2016 until December 2017 I gained a vast amount of knowledge about Korean history, teamwork, research, and amateur journalism. On the flip side, there were other areas that I believed needed drastic improvements that no one seemed to want to address. With my 'Do it in Daegu' blog I'm hoping to bring more transparency and clarity to the Korean blogosphere while filling whose gaps that I saw during my time as a blogger for Daegu City. When there's a new article, you know it's me who published it. When there is a Daegu-related meme on the LinkedIn company page, you'll know it was me who created it. When the Kakao Story page is uploaded, you'll know it's me who did the copy write and photo-editing.