A day of sweet goodbyes

And for sharing from the heart

Time spent with good neighbors

As we prepare to depart


A time to share with one another

Our thoughts about saying farewell

With moments of endearing honesty

About the end of this enchanting tale


Even though our encounters

May have been few and far between

Its more about the quality of time spent together

And the joy and happiness that it brings


Touched and humbled by the number of folks

Who dropped in to say goodbye

Its virtually impossible to express my gratitude

No matter how hard I may try


This is one of those special moments in life

That will forever standout and shine

One that shall forever be a beautiful memory

And will always be in the back of my mind


Blessed to have wonderful neighbors

Not a gift given to everyone

Years filled with hellos and smiles

Not to mention those times full of fun


We will not say farewell forever

But only until we meet once again

Because as far as we are concerned

You will always be a very special friend