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A Gardener and a Little Black Book

Mar 25, 2022

Two more books hit the shelves this week. Mrs J is up to her usual sizzling tricks, this time with her gardener, or rather, his son. And as a new fun adventure, I thought I’d bring you…

My Little Black Book

A fun, fantasy memoir, or a true record of your gorgeous love life. From space for your date’s name and contact details through to how good the first date went. Fun gift for a friend, inspiration for a book, or just to sneak in your bedside cabinet for your eyes only.

Book List

Mrs Jackson and Her Hot Studs Series

Mrs Jackson and Her Acquisition
Mrs Jackson and Her Best Friend’s Son
Mrs Jackson and Her CEO
Mrs Jackson and Her Daughter’s Ex
Mrs Jackson and Her Event Manager
Mrs Jackson and Her Firefighter
Mrs Jackson and Her Gardener

The Riverbrook Close (Steamy) Romance Series

Loving the Gardener #1

Loving the Banker #2

One Off Short Stories

Her Guardian Angel

Falling for Him

I Kissed Santa

Taken in The Bookstore

Hot Beaches and Sea Breezes

Short Story Bundles

Bossy Billionaires

Billionaire Booty Calls

Millionaire Seduction

Billionaire Bundle

Educating Charlotte

Cockpits and Caresses

Hot Moms Satisfied

Artist Aroused

Getting Hot At The Gym

Soldiers Stripped

Spilled Milk

Office Encounters

‘Watchers and Webcams’

Find them all on my website…


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