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Apr 14, 2023

One is at number 12 in the 'charts' others not even on that platform.

The best place to browse is probably my website but you can follow me on most platforms. 

Drop a comment if you can't find me and I'll send you a link.

My 'direct sales' Payhip store is growing and I get more pennies that way too, less for the big boys!

Which is your favourite story or character so far?


You’ll find all my book links on my website.



The FreeUse Contract

The FreeUse Demands - On Pre-Order

London Silver Fox Billionaires

Wanted by the Boss (Previously Baxter)

Desired by the Boss (Previously Archer)


Billionaire Booty Calls

Billionaire Booty Calls

Billionaire Bundle

Bossy Billionaires

Billionaire Demands

Mrs Jackson and Her Hot Studs

Meet Mrs Jackson - FREE Download

26 Book Series

Scarlett A Hotwife

Meet Scarlett A Hotwife - FREE Download

A Hotwife Debut

A Hotwife Gifted

A Hotwife Affair

Scarlett A Hotwife Adored

Scarlett A Hotwife Bound

Scarlett A Hotwife Claimed

My Bully Boss

My Bully Boss Seduced Me

My Bully Boss Punished Me

My Bully Boss Spanked Me

My Bully Boss Tamed

My Bully Boss Cooled

My New Boss

My New Boss Lights My Fire - on Pre Order

Standalone Themed Collections

Educating Charlotte

Cockpits and Caresses

Millionaire Seduction

Hot Moms Satisfied

Artist Aroused

Watchers and Webcams

Getting Hot At The Gym

Soldiers Stripped

Spilled Milk

Office Encounters

Office Appointments

Hot Beaches and Sea Breezes

Hot Dates at the Bar

Heat On Your Street

Standalone Shorts

Her Guardian Angel

Falling for Him

I Kissed Santa

Taken in the Bookstore

My First Older Guy

My First Bridesmaid

Heels Toes and Soles


Loving the Gardener

Loving the Banker

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