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Thank you for visiting my Wild Horse Gallery for the horses of Theodore Roosevelt National Park in Medora, ND. If you like the content on my page, please consider buying me a coffee to help maintain this site. Thank you for your support!
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Thank you for your research!!!

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Thanks again Marcia!

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Tiffany, thanks for all you do for the rest of us.  This site is easy to understand and follow and for the technology challenged I appreciate it . stay safe out there ..

Thanks so much Marcia! You are a great supporter of the work we do out here and it is very much appreciated ;)

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Hi Tiffany!  Your website is a wonderful resource, and oh, so beautiful!  We appreciate your dedication and hard work!   Hope the coffee is good, and that  maybe one day we can share a cup of coffee together in Medora or points near.    Have a super day,  Mary 

Thanks again for all the support Mary! It means a lot ;)

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