Every programmer's first words - and marking a start of a long and arduous journey.

Some BS I thought of on the spot

Hello World, we're Dan and Dan. Artist and programmer forged in fire, here to share with our venture into game development. Dan's been making art since she was five, and I've been programming and doing tech stuff for as long as I can remember. Looking at the silver lining amid this pandemic, and well, living in one of the worst countries to be in during a pandemic - we took this opportunity of having lots of free time outside our day jobs to work on a blog! Because, you know, 2020 couldn't get any worse (flag triggered).

"Because, you know, 2020 couldn't get any worse."

-Daniel, before 2020 got worse

Okay so regardless of whether you're a greenhorn programmer with shiny knees or the most bearded war veteran™ with 30 arrows in both knees, you'll almost always start with "Hello World" when learning a new programming language. You're a psychopath if you don't. But that's probably the point of this obligatory "Hello World" post, since both Dan and I (also Dan) can code, it kind of makes sense that we start like this.

We'll be posting our games' dev logs, projects, artworks, tutorials, tips and tricks, and probably anything that impulsively interests us at the moment.

The proceeds from buymeacoffee will be put into getting Dan a new table for her workstation as well as provide meals for street children right by our house.

Visit us at dandangames.fun!

Hello World!