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Solo Entrepreneur in Las Vegas, NV, US, pursuing a whole bunch of things!

Managing Director of the Innovate for Vegas Foundation, a 501(c)(3) civic volunteer public charity Making our Smart City Smarter by enabling and encouraging Local Innovation by Local Innovators!

Leading the Caffe Genius project to examine and analyze our local Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in the Las Vegas area, as well as enabling local entrepreneurialism with such activities as the Pitch Workout Room, Pitch Mingle, and more!

Media projects to engage and share about these projects and more, aimed at entrepreneurialism, innovation, education, society, coffee, and whatever others would like to join me to talk about.

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If you would like to add to the caffeine supply, all proceeds from this portal go toward coffee, coffee supplies, coffee tools, and maybe a coffee meeting you find yourself in Vegas...


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Audio Programs (aka Podcasts) for your listening enjoyment... did you know that guests are welcomed for all of these below, if you're interested you can join in the discussion.

Let´s Innovate for Vegas on Spotify

Caffe Genius Impressarios on Spotify

On Hiatus for the moment:

Hugo Floss podcast via Anchor

FFS Talk podcast via Anchor

Quoggling Sand podcast via Anchor

Software Projects

Links to projects will be updated as they come online...

Web applications/platforms:

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Your interest and support, expressed monetarily and in other ways, is greatly appreciated, and makes these efforts GO!

As a big fan of coffee and as one of many home baristas thanks to 2020, I can say that anything contributed here will literally go into the coffee fund, so thanks for that, and thanks for stopping by either way!


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twitter: @DanHugo




email: dan (at)

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I use the Cash Card for groceries and whatnot, sometimes the boosts come in handy but they aren't so interesting post 2020.

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