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Hey, I'm Danielle 👋.

I'm an author, blogger, and podcaster based in Connecticut, USA.

Over on The Thought Card Podcast, I empower financially savvy travelers to make more informed financial decisions by sharing tips and creative ways to travel the world, pay off debt, and build wealth.

Also, I co-produce Millennial Wealth Builders, a 12-part audio docuseries highlighting Women of Color building wealth.

I share most of my work for free on the internet, so if you like my content and would like to support, it would mean a lot for you to buy me a coffee ☕️ (hot lattes with no sugar are my favorite).

You can also become a member (see 'membership') and tune in to the members-only private podcast feed where I share extended interviews with podcast guests, answer questions, and share additional resources I don't share anywhere else. 

Thank you, I wholeheartedly appreciate your support!