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Hi there! Welcome to the Buy Me a Coffee membership experience! You can now support me and my original music by "buying me a coffee" or joining one of my monthly subscriptions membership tiers! ☕️

The cool thing about this platform is there is something for everyone. You can:

1. Become a monthly subscriber 💌 There are three tiers on the right that unlock different behind the scenes projects, discounted merch, early access to unreleased music and videos, video updates directly from my phone, and other exciting music-related content. 

2. Purchase an "extra" from the shop 🛒  Whether it be a 1:1 Zoom call, the alternate version of my latest single, or something from my upcoming merch line, these one-time purchases help me keep doing what I do. 

3. Buy me a "coffee" ☕️ By clicking on the 'Support' button on the right hand side, you can make a one-time small donation that helps in big ways! 

The music industry as a whole has changed over the last few years, and this membership allows me to create more content to release to my fans. It continues to support the cost of making professional recordings, videos, releasing music to radio, and touring (hopefully more often!).

Thank you for being here and supporting what I do!