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Hey, my name is Daniel and I am a Tutorial Youtuber, who freely shares things created or discovered, which I may find useful for others to know about.

How it started

My initial goal of creating tutorials, was for showcasing new things, in a fast, timely manner.

Why I created this Buy me a Coffee page

Even though I enjoy creating the tutorials, releasing code snippets and projects for free; it sadly does take up most of my day/time, maintaining everything and assisting viewers/users of the projects with any issues they're facing.

I love working on the projects, assisting those having trouble using said projects and getting all this positive feedback from you!

I leave donation options open on multiple platforms, to give you the flexibility, without being confined to one platform.

The content, projects and support will always stay free and you won't be forced to pay for things you don't want - which is why there are no benefits for you when donating (ex. Discord roles, bonus giveaway entries).

Thanks to every single one of you who donated and thanks to everyone for just discovering the YouTube channel and opting to use the projects released, which is already more than enough support! :D