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I'm a church musician and music engraver. I love to create beautiful hymnal scores, piano arrangements, and orchestrations. I also offer private tutoring in Dorico, so I occasionally create short, helpful videos to explain basic or advanced functions in Dorico.
Aaron Garner
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Great video as always.  If you like coffee, keep them coming!!

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Dan, I'm learning a lot of skills and music from you. I've know you on Dorico Forum, now on Youtube. Thanks for your effort, this coffe as a little sign of gratitude, You you deserve so much more.

Thank you!

Juerg Loeffler
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Hi Dan,It's good to have a chance to say thank you for all your efforts. Your "Beginner's Guide" was my first tutorial and helped me make my first steps in Dorico and say goodbye to Sibelius, after 20 years.

Many thanks Juerg!