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Hi, 👋 my name is Danny. I’m an AWS Cloud Consultant who likes to build things in the Cloud. I write blog posts about a variety of topics like AWS, DevOps, and Certifications. The goal is to keep things practical and easy to understand.

So community writing is an important part of my daily routine which allows me to share the knowledge I learn with the world. Next to that I also contribute to the following:

- Being an active member of the AWS Community Builder program

- Sharing useful tips and free learning resources on Twitter

- Open source projects like AWS Toolbox, CDK Construct Snippets and CloudFormation Snippets

If my blog posts or projects have helped you along the way, consider showing your support by sponsoring me. Thanks to your support, I'm able to continue doing what I enjoy the most, which is sharing my learnings with the Cloud Community.

Thanks a lot – you're awesome