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Why I'm Writing & About What

My purpose is to support the ambition of others to meet promise and potential.  This blog explores fundamental business concepts both practically and anecdotally. The intention is to make sense of the workplace and improve others’ careers.

• Your workplace.

• My workplace.

• Places of work.

In short, I'll write about the good and bad of business






What You'll Take Away

Learn something, rethink, reframe, gain perspective, or even acknowledge previous understanding of the work environment of which you are a part.  Improve yourself and your career along the way.  You may even step outside of yourself to help others!  (Hint: That's a big part of business and work satisfaction.)

Why "Buy Me A Coffee"?

This is just fun for me.  I enjoy writing - journaling, research-backed expositions, anecdotal lessons and more.  Anyway, a coffee habit is a coffee habit.

Thanks for stopping by!  -Danny

About Me

An organization development professional who studied strategy in the MBA program at the University of Portland, I am an expert in holistic operations with regard to organizational behavior, leadership and process development.