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We love 1, 3, 7-Trimethylxanthine. Seriously. Powers everything we do.

Join the Dantastic Mr. Tox (@drusyniak) &Howard (@heshiegreshie) as they interview leading scientists and raconteurs about, what else, toxicology. Like a middle linebacker, they tackle the latest topics and controversies. Throw in fake ads and a house band and you get a podcast that the New York Times exclaimed “Click here to subscribe.” The Washington Post raves, “Website down for repairs.” And Louis Goldfrank shouted, “I have nothing to do with this!”

So sit back, relax, and wrap your earholes in the warm audio Snuggie that is the Dantastic Mr. Tox &Howard Show, @dantastictox. And if you prefer using your eyes, why not check out our home on the interwebs, The Tox and The Hound. It’s like a podcast for your retinas.

Stay Healthy, True Believers!
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I love you guys please make more podcasts

Thank you so very much! We’re working on getting things up and running and should have another episode out shortly. We are deeply appreciative of your generosity and kind words. 

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