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3rd Goal Unlocked

Mar 21, 2021

You all have truly blessed me with your support. This journey has been amazing to me, just because I didn't realize before how much love and support I had, until I started following my dreams. It has felt like one small miracle after another, and everything just falling into place. I don't think I could ever thank you all enough, or be able to show my appreciation enough but just know that I do. This last goal was not only completed but was superseded over 200% You all blow my mind!

So not only was I able to buy the Genesis Impact booster pack box, I also purchased the 2020 Lost Memories tin, Legendary Deck 2 box, Legendary Duelist Season 2 box, and 2019 Gold Sarcophagus tin. Granted I did of course add my money into those purchases as well but I was able to get them because of your donations.

Know that not only does me being able to buy these booster boxes help with making cool unboxing YouTube videos, they also help me get more inventory for my eBay shop.

I will be writing up more shop updates and YouTube updates soon so be on the look out!


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