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Send some natural juice this way! For every €100 during each month I will choose a tipper (for now) and draw something cool: it will be exclusively made for them, please leave a comment with your tip and I will contact the winner(s)!

What you will receive in exchange will be final, highly stylised & reflective of my skill at the moment. No changes. Call it "online art busking" :)

By making a purchase through my BMC profile, you agree that the delivered works are for personal use only. Not for resale, commerce, promotion or advertising. THANK YOU!

I am a freelance self-taught always learning artist originally from Colombia now based in Germany. I draw and color manga/anime inspired characters and fanart. Currently doing a 365 days challenge to prove that discipline is more important than just talent, you can see my progress from day one to today in my DeviantArt page, I’ll leave the link down below.

You can find my links HERE!

Thank you all!


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