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Hey 👋
Welcome to this very special page.  I must have saw something in you that allowed me to drive you here, I keep my Clients tight and secure in my tight little realm.  Safety First. 

Also, I enjoy this Semi-Open interactive place because you can see other patreons interacting.  I Like it.  Its a turn on for me. (Exhibitionist!) 

First of all, I'm not like anything else you would ever have seen on the market. 

So who am I? I'm somewhere in a Mix Between a Courtesan and a Dominatrix with Burlesque Flare.  Really, every mans Fantasy. (what a pain in the ass.)

I'm the girl next door, I'm Corporate Controlling, I'm Manipulative in the best way possible, and I love to show off.  The word most people use for me is "Magical"

You can call me Mistress.

I'll have you exploring Fantasies you never knew you had.

My kinks are verse, what about yours?  Have you even explored your kinks yet?  

Let me know.  I want to hear about it

For me, its a I love for being Adored.  Nothing makes me wetter than Kind, Potent, Powerful Men at their knees to me.

Im also different because I CAN fall in love.  I want to fall in love with you.  I want to have a relationship with you, get to know you, be caring and long-lasting.  A BDSM relationship is about mutual trust, I don't desire either of us to be taken advantage of, I want to love you, as your fantasy.  I want to roll around in the daisy meadow and make love, but I also want to show I care by being aggressive. 

I should let you know I make a terrible wife.  Which is why you are on this website. (I was and AM still married, I am no longer committed)

I am Highly Intuitive, Super Smart, Driven, Beautiful, and Chaotic in the all the most beautiful ways possible.

Yes I was gifted, and as a healer of Expression, I see this gift more as a healing modality than anything else.  

Nobody will suspect a thing.  People know I'm Driven Passionate and Powerful, but I'm the girl next door, when I dress down, I look like an art student.

Nothing makes me more wet than someone whose willing to step into making my life better.  easier.  For no other purpose other than their admiration.  I mean that's why Im a Dom Right?

Some bois love to massage and worship my feet.

others like being treated like a footstool and humiliated...  this was a hard one to wrap myself around, because I didn't enjoy degrading people, and it took me a while to understand that degradation and humiliation are not the same thing.  Degradation is a HardLIMIT for me.  I am a Healer and a Lover, with potency.  I can beat you... HARD, humiliate you and still be in integrity to kindness.  Again, I see this gift as a healing modality to the spirit, one that's not explored, and definitely not mastered in the way I have it mastered.

What makes me the way that I am?  I love people.  Always have.  the Depths of people.  My curiosity has taken me many places,  some incredible, others dangerous.  Spending time learning your kinks through me will save you the hell of trying to navigate the BDSM world, which is a pain in the ass.  good luck finding quality around there.  Everyone and their dog wants kinky sex, but have no idea what that truly means...

I do.  Welcome

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