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Hey you relaxed people everywhere 👋 If you enjoy Dare to Relax and all the FREE music we´ve been releasing so far, you can now buy me a coffee!

I´m Pedro Rabello and I created this channel to share my original compositions. All music uploaded on Dare to Relax was composed by me and made for you to relax.

Buying me a coffee or 5 (or how many you feel like buying!) means a great support for me to keep on putting all the effort I´ve been engaging in more than 2 years running Dare to Relax.

Let´s be honest: in most cases, the income provided by youtube, spotify and others is very very far from enough for a living. So I thought that connecting directly with people through a platform such as Buy Me a Cooffe would be a great way of strengthening our bonds while also making Dare to Relax financially possible at this point!

Again, whether you are buying one or 10 coffees, your support means A LOT to me! 

So THANK YOU! Thank you for being here!

Now, please, enjoy some good relaxing music and relax!

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