I had a blog half-written on the 14th, but it got deleted because my laptop died. Oh well.

So, what's up?

Yesterday I smashed hammies and glutes. It was very subpar in the beginning. Then I dug in and got dialed in. Turned out okay. Food has been hard to eat. I'm already bored. I will have to spend some time thinking about what might help. I think I have an idea. If it works, I'll post it in the member's channel.

Something I have been thinking about today: each action leads you down a certain path toward a certain "end game." Just like a video game with multiple endings. SKYRIM. maybe. Anyway. We are born and we have an infinite number of possibilities in life. Some are in our control. Some are out of our control. It's like a family tree, every new decision or action is a split in the tree. This tree expands out to the infinite number of outcomes in life. The infinite possibilities. This is why tiny decisions matter. It doesn't mean you obsess over them. You still have to continue down a path to reach an outcome. But the things you do today matter.

I was downtown drinking with Shane, Chase, Bobby, and Marcus, It was a good time. I was enjoying myself. Then it slapped me in the face. Tomorrow I will be behind on sleep, my diet screwed, appetite out the window. I was having a great time, but I know these actions will 100% dictate my future in a way I would not like. So I went home. Frankly, I didn't miss much in the last few hours of dt anyway. But the next morning I woke up *close to* on time, smashed my lift, and was able to eat okay. I enjoyed myself and was still able to accomplish what I wanted the next day because I know that is more important to me.

I KNEW I want to be a successful bodybuilder and business man so I knew I had to sacrifice something. Once I made that decision, I recognize that I am capable of taking control of my own life and acting on my own decisions. I will not be influenced by what other people want me to do or think I should do. I am the one who must live with the consequence of my actions. So, I will decide what they are.

Idk about any of the 0 people reading this, but if I don't do that, (act on my true wishes) I hate that feeling. It's basically regretting. I hate when I don't act true to my desires and wishes for whatever reason. Darian... Write a blog about why we should be true to ourselves.

Idk how all this works or how to be like uh ya know blogger thing. But feel free to comment on something you want me to talk about... maybe then I can dig into detail on something. I just kinda write my thoughts as they come rn. Like I am having a one-way conversation with this blog. I kinda dig it.

Live your life and break the mold society puts on you.