I’m sitting in my car listening to a song I have had on repeat lately. It talks about how we judge each other based on a picture and how we think we know each other cuz we “double tap on a picture.”

One side of the coin is we judge each other's social media. We all do it. I’m guilty of it. I try to see reality but it’s hard. I KNOW we are all guilty of it. So let’s all take a step back from comparing our lives to people's perfect representation of their life.

And the reverse side. Guys and gals. You’re gonna fuckin be judged. I mean the full emphasis that lil curse word posses. Frankly, who cares? As long as you be true to yourself, and your dreams, and act with good morals, WHO CARES WHAT YOU DO. All actions have consequences that can help or hinder your life don’t get me wrong. Be smart. But for example, who cares if I post a picture flexing, or a workout routine I liked, or the naughty posted-twice-in-one-day??? Do you really care if someone else does it? Honestly? Express yourself. It ain’t that deep. And anyone who says it is is fooling themselves.

And if you do get hate, just remember it is a reflection of how people feel inside. Insecure? Hurt? Regretful? Angry at something completely unrelated and lashing out? So give them grace. Forgive them of their hatred and move on. It doesn’t really affect you that much. We are all human guys.

Express yourself. Write. Put your thoughts and dreams and passion into the world. Doesn’t have to be on a public blog but a journal or anything is amazing. Sometimes I think, “what if I had a journal of my Dad?” I promise you right now that I would read that every day. EVERY DAY.

You know what. I’m gonna write some memories. So Aidan, someday you can read these and get a memory of Dad. I know you were too young when he died to remember a lot about him, but I’m gonna write some. I’m gonna write some so you and the rest of the world can meet him. 48 is just a lil too young yet. Especially when you just start to figure things out.

Haha. Anyone else’s allergies kicking in? No? Just mine? Haha.

Never mind I’m gonna be real with it here. I’m crying cuz I miss my Dad. Haha. Not like the unglued cry. The cry that’s just kinda messed up your vision, make your nose water, and dribbles down your cheek every now and again. But we Gucci now.

I’ll let y’all meet him, don’t worry.

This is what I have to say to the judgmental people: Love more. I forgive you. But I refuse to let what you have to say keep me from pursuing what keeps me up at night with relentless obsession.

Love your life. Break the mold society placed on you.

Peace and love Universe.