Darknight Tribe Advocates
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  • Introductory level
  • Partial access to what has been published so far
  • Partial access to the Tribe Haunt
  • Access to Tribe conversations, comment sections, polls and Q&A
  • Receive some early access, behind-the-scenes, special offers and exclusive stuff from me by email
  • Early Access to next releases [earlier than the public - later than the Alpha members]
Darknight Tribe - Originals (Founding)
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Limited (1 of 1 remaining)
  • Same As Alpha Members + Special "Darknight Tribe Originals" T-Shirt
  • "Darknight Tribe Originals" Merch Line - T-Shirt & Mug for FREE for ANNUAL membership (only cover shipping)
Darknight Tribe - Rockstars
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Limited (8000 of 8000 remaining)
  • FULL access to all that has been published so far
  • Exclusive Unreleased Songs (INSTANT Access to 3 - than at LEAST one song/snippet per month (often more))
  • Your name listed in the official credits of the next releases! - For music produced and released during your membership
  • Early access to next releases - at least a MONTH before the official release date - sometimes even before
  • Behind the scenes content, video making, backstage, composition process, live preparation, rehearsals...
  • Free & Discounted Extras
  • Playlisting: Participate and add songs to the Collaborative Spotify Playlist "Sounds like Darknight" -by Darknight Tribe
  • Tribe polls - Influence directly various aspects of my career (such as setlists, next tour locations...)
  • Recorded videos of the upcoming live shows
  • Darknight Philosophy - Let's dive deeper - Deeper philosophical discussions with me & the Tribe (if that's your thing)
  • And more!
Darknight Tribe - VIP Rockstars
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Limited (100 of 100 remaining)
  • Everything in "Darknight Tribe - Alpha Members"
  • + PRIORITY for every limited, exclusive tickets, merch or experiences
  • (coming soon) FREE exclusive Tribe merch
Darknight Tribe - The Maecena (1st Gen)
per month
Limited (1 of 1 remaining)
  • "Presented by "your name" " in the beginning of Darknight's official music videos
  • Your name in every official release credits that's been created and released during your Maecena period
  • + Everything in "Alpha"