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I'm a pretty average guy from Peterborough who went for a little run across a desert. From then it has led to many challenging adventures enabling me to help and inspire others.

Hi, I'm a forty something year old dad of two, working hard to pursue a life of purpose, pushing myself to the limits to inspire and motivate others.

After a car accident damaged my back, I took to running as part of my rehabilitation, after finally reaching that first mile, I got the bug and never looked back.  I share my stories and lessons in schools and businesses across the country to show how accessible and achievable such incredible feats are for others.  The most rewarding part of this adventurous lifestyle I've stumbled into, is that I've been able to raise thousands for charities and am fortunate to be able to address audiences and help them believe in themselves and their limitless goals.  

Thank you for any support that will help me to keep making a difference.