"Why don't you just cheer up?" (HalloWee ...

"Why don't you just cheer up?" (HalloWeekend 2021)

Oct 29, 2021

The darkness erupts out the back of your head

Skull split wide open, you’re drowning in it

Let it envelop your senses and mess with your brain

As it spills over the carpet

The clowns are out again 


Immortalised villains on paper

Horrors we see on a screen

Barely scratches the surface

For us, every day’s Halloween


If it’s lurking or not, doesn’t matter

All the joy is sucked out of the day

Hunting you down with a smile and no feeling

Lock up

Stay out of the way


While you sit at home with the lights off

Hoping the sun’ll come out

It moves through the air without meaning

Without reason or need

Spreading doubt

It’ll stalk the streets in a blackout

Prey on the vulnerable ones

To call it a villain is half of the truth

The other half lies within us


Take a scalpel to my mouth

Twist it around 'til the blood all pours out

Gouge out my eyes

Tie me up

Strap me down 

Let the current flow through

And my conscious fade out


Give me a bullet

Take out my tongue

Strip the skin from my body

Once it's done, it's done

But that unseen destruction is biblical

More painful than anything physical

More damaging than anything visible

Always less believable


So bring on the clowns and the demons

They're nothing compared to you 

Cos if every day’s Halloween

Every day, jump and scream

Blends into one, it seems

What do you do?

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