Downsized by a media megacorp, now freelance writer / geek / techie / nerd

Welcome !

I receive no income from the posts which I create on social media.  And that's ok, I do it because I love writing and research.

And I enjoy sharing newsworthy items that I think some of my friends and followers may also enjoy.

Over the years, some folks have told me they like what I post, and that next time they see me face-to-face, they will buy me a coffee.  Well, now there is an app which can make that happen !

If you like my content, please consider buying me a coffee.

No hard feelings if you don’t. Thank you reading my work, either way !

(NOTE:  You won't actually be physically sending me a coffee by courier, that would be messy.  But you'll be providing a small donation to allow me to buy a coffee, or maybe even an Iced Capp.)