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I’ve been to places in my life where the sheer beauty takes the breath away, and the naked soul is stripped of words.  The further one steps form the well-trodden road, and leaves on a wee forest trail, the closer one gets to a realm where harmonious interplay is the natural currency.  My practice has led me down one of these paths, and where the words have failed, the shifting patterns have prevailed.  My work is a visual description of such a journey down a path with heart, and a calling to service in creating these pieces for the world. 

I'm interested in how our inner worlds are reflected in our outer expression, and how the two are intertextual as well as intertextural.  I've worked for a long time with the idea that it is only our cultural conditioning which creates an illusion of both inter-personal, and environmental separation. 

My works, as always a part of an ongoing  series exploring aspects of this mirroring, and looking to express the underlying connection of all parts in the dialogue. 💝