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Pioneer of the Highlander Novel™ (there can be only 1 draft). Purveyor of vulgar science fiction. Appreciator of all things weird. Got a publishing contract in 2013, a movie option in 2015 and struck out in 2020. All-in-all, not a great track record but my mom still reads my stuff so there's that.

Also, I don't write orc erotica. Don't ask. I just don't. I wouldn't even know where to begin. I write science fiction. Not orc erotica. Because I don't know anything about orc erotica. I don't read orc erotica. I don't have pictures of muscular naked orcs on my computer. I don't even know what an "orc" is. Okay? Stop asking. My stories involve desolate wastelands, quantum shielding, auto-blades, vague ominous references to "the system". Not sweat gleaming, 8 pack sporting, European Speedo wearing, sexy, sexy, orcs.