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The Scarefactory, Inc., a three-dimensional design and fabrication studio that blends art and technology to produce extraordinary animated creatures and their scenic environs, was founded in 1993 by David and personnel from The Columbus College of Art and Design.

A $22,000-capacity amphitheater worth $11 million was built at the Polaris Amphitheater in 1994 with the help of PromoWest as one of three partners. In fact, David was on-site for nearly the entire duration of the project's building phase. The Eagles, Janet Jackson, and Phil Collins were among the performers he produced during the show's initial season.
David built his first theme park attraction in 1995 and now works with the Six Flags chain of amusement parks to maintain it.

Attractions throughout the world could purchase characters and items from The Scarefactory's initial catalog in 1996.